RP-800 Ebony Polish


RP-800 Ebony Polish

The exclusive use of Generalmusic's DRAKE technology in the new RP800 Real Piano, enables all musicians, from beginners to professional pianists, to realize their total musical potential. Professional pianos powered by DRAKE have been acclaimed by leading musicians around the world, as the most realistic sounding electronic pianos ever created.


Finishes Available


  Simulated Rosewood

  Ebony Polish


Windows Video Media RP-800 Demo

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Video-  About GEM's DRAKE technology

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Windows Media Audio RP-800 Demos

Grand Piano 1      Grand Piano 2     Rhodes® 1    Rhodes® 2 

 Wurlitzer®    Clavinet®    Vibes     Harpsichord       Strings 1  

    Strings 2       Pad 1       Pad 2       Organ 1       Organ 2     

 Choir  Guitar
There is a total of 32 preset sounds not including splits and layers in the RP-800. Here is just a sampling of the stunning sounds found on the RP-800.

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