GRP-800 Ebony Polish



Generalmusic's new grand piano the GRP800 features the exclusive Generalmusic's Drake technology, introduced in the Promega series professional digital pianos which have one acclaim from leading professional artists worldwide.


Generalmusic's team of sound design engineers have drawn from their years of expertise to produce a new, large high quality PCM database of stunning realistic instrument recordings. Included is the astonishing Fazioli® F308 concert grand piano. The real-time physical modeling system, made possible by DRAKE technology, also reproduces classic electro-mechanical instruments like Rhodes™, Wurlitzer™ & Clavinet™ with astonishing reality. The acoustic piano sounds incorporate GEM's acclaimed patented physical modeling algorithms like Damper Physical Model, Natural String Resonance, Advanced Release Technology and Filter Algorithm Dynamic Emulation (FADE). Simply put, this exclusive technology faithfully reproduces the natural acoustic properties of a real acoustic piano, resulting in what we believe to be the most realistic piano tone and feel ever created. The internal DSP effect section generates various reverbs and high quality effects, adding dimensional spatiality and warmth to the instrument's overall sound. The GRP800 is equipped with a weighed keyboard incorporating an Advanced Graded Hammer Action. A feel normally associated with high end grand pianos. The realistic touch and high level of expressive control makes this instrument ideal for virtually any style of piano performance. The importance of music education and the documented benefits associated with this, encouraged our design team to incorporate functions to enhance the learning process and enjoyment. The digital metronome makes learning easier, offering a precise reference guide. The recorder (2 track, 20.000 event) allows you to record and re-listen to your performances. An internal music library containing 50 of the world's most famous piano pieces, all performed and recorded meticulously, provides tremendous educational benefits. The music library allows the student to study a piece of music, playing each part separately at a speed you're comfortable with. Packaged with the piano is a music scorebook containing all the pieces of the library. Italy is world-renowned for its design & style, incorporating elegance and functionality. The GRP800's cabinet is no exception, constructed with quality materials and finished with a sliding key cover, the GRP800 is designed to complement any décor or environment. Various high gloss cabinet finishes are also available. The quality sound system incorporates a 40W+40W amplification system, providing a crisp and powerful sound that has been digitally tuned to enhance the DRAKE technology. The realistic keyboard feel and the easy to use, well thought out control panel makes the GRP800 a stunning piano to perform with. If you're looking for a piano that makes a ''statement'', is exceptional value and ideal for learning or performance, then the GRP800 is right for you!

Finishes Available


  Ebony Polish, White Polish, Cherry Polish

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Windows Video Media GRP-800 Demo

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Video-  About GEM's DRAKE technology

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Windows Media Audio GRP-800 Demos

Grand Piano 1      Grand Piano 2     Rhodes® 1    Rhodes® 2 

 Wurlitzer®    Clavinet®    Vibes     Harpsichord       Strings 1  

    Strings 2       Pad 1       Pad 2       Organ 1       Organ 2     

 Choir  Guitar
There is a total of 32 preset sounds not including splits and layers in the RP-800. Here is just a sampling of the stunning sounds found on the RP-800.

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