gk 380

Playing music is child-play  

 The new GK360 offers a broad and comprehensive choice, all especially designed to make the educational process or music making enjoyable and interactive.

Easy-to use and equipped with everything you need to begin playing or continue musical education, the GK series are quality instruments, developed from GEMís extensive knowledge in the professional arranger keyboard market and incorporate the same passion to musical and sound content quality.

Offering up to 64 notes of polyphony, the GK keyboards feature a comprehensive database of quality PCM sounds (General MIDI compatible) including stunning grand pianos, guitars, saxophones, synthesizers, strings, brass, bass and drums along with many of the sounds required to play a variety of international musical genres.
The control panel, simple and intuitive, offers large cleverly arranged buttons for easy access to the various functions. The comprehensive display also provides a graphic visualization on the music staff, of the notes being played in real time. An ideal assistant for fundamental music education!

The accompaniment styles have been programmed by an international team of talented musicians creating a stunning library that offers a wide selection, covering almost every musical genre: from pop to rock, from funk to jazz, from dance to traditional and ethnic music. The helpful 'One Touch Setting' function assigns an appropriate melody sound to the selected style providing instant registration selection.


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