The Recordable CD
The Genesys includes an on-board CD player and CD Recorder; making it simple to create and assemble audio files, (CD tracks, WAV or MP3 files), or MID files. You can even copy data directly from any CD to the instrument’s internal hard disk. To record your own CD, simply insert a blank CD/R or CD/RW and press the MAKE CD button. You can also save a vast quantity of data onto a blank CD which finally eliminates the laborious procedure of backing up to floppy disks.  And, as a CD reader, the internal drive is compatible with all the most popular formats: Akai®, Kurzweil®, wav, smp, snd – for unlimited flexibility.


 Over 250 Sound Presets for maximum authenticity
256 Factory Sound Presets arranged into 16 different Sound Families make the Genesys a world-class arranger workstation. Within these Sound Families you will find every conceivable type of sound including our unique Real Sounds: sounds created with total realism in mind, thanks to sampling of the specific characteristic effects of a variety of instruments: natural vibrato and mechanical sounds plus typical dynamic and ambient effects for each instrument. A Sound Preset is not just a simple sound but a sophisticated “sound container” which can hold up to 8 different single sounds, choosing from over 1300 factory sounds and 800 user sounds, for exceptional richness and warmth of sound reproduction.

Each single sound can be edited in one of two different ways: Quick Edit and Pro Edit. Quick Edit gives you a simple and effective way to change the characteristics of the sound, offering the principal editing parameters in a single screen. Pro Edit, with it’s huge variety of control and modification parameters, transforms the Genesys into a powerful professional synthesizer.

Digital Effects
In addition to the internal effects of the Vocal Genius, dedicated exclusively to processing signals from the audio inputs, the Genesys is equipped with four main digital effect processors; two for reverb effects and two for modulation effects, freely assignable to the internal sounds or to sequencer tracks. The reverb presets include Hall, Concert, Chamber, Room, Vocal, Plate, Church, Mountains, Falling and Early. The modulation effects include Delay, Dubbing, Ping-Pong, Chorus, Ensemble, Phaser, Flanger, Pan Mix, Distortion, Pitch Shifter, Rotary and Equalizer.

Styles from all around the world for every musical genre
The Genesys’ 256 Factory Styles are organized into various Style Families with accompaniment styles from every corner of the world, for authentic reproduction of just about any musical genre. Each single style is comprised of up to eight parts and is equipped with 4 intros, 4 Endings and 4 Variations with Fill In, Fill To, Fade In/Out, Syncro and Restart functions. 

The functions in the Style Tools section along with the innovative new Keyboard Mode selectors provide all the necessary options for quickly and easily adapting the instrument to suit your own preferred style of playing. Each style offers four Style Presets which provide appropriate sound settings for the selected style with the added possibility to memorize up four of your own additional settings.  The Keyboard Mode settings Full, Bass Split, Accompaniment Split, Piano Style, Manual Bass and Pro Split guarantee you total freedom to utilize these accompaniments in the most musical way possible. You can even add to these factory styles with up to 64 user styles, either programmed by yourself or factory created and loadable from floppy disk or CD. In addition, the Music Library offers 96 instantly available set-ups for playing a variety of popular songs.

Recording Studio
Forget about the laborious process of trying to integrate a PC, mixer, keyboard and countless other devices. The Genesys is already a powerful recording studio with its own internal recording features. In addition to the 250, 000 event midi sequencer for recording internal sounds, the Genesys lets you record any audio signal from the inputs directly to the internal hard disk recorder. Just press the RECORD button and choose between either MIDI or audio recording , or record everything at once.

The MIDI sequencer offers sophisticated track-by-track editing while audio recording mode allows you to simultaneously record the signal from the audio inputs along with an MP3 and even the styles and sounds that you play along with on the keyboard.

Within the Recording Studio, the Vocal Remover function allows you to process an audio file, like a CD track, reducing - or completely eliminating - the solo singing voice within the song, without losing the original background instrumentation of the recording.  The Multimedia Song Player allows direct playback of a huge variety of song formats: MIDI Files (0,1 & 1 + Lyrics),  .KAR files, WordBox©, PianoDisk©, Doc©, Disklavier©, MP3 and MP3+Lyrics, CD Audio, WAV Audio (44.1K, 16 bit mono or stereo) and GEM Song formats WK/SK/WX/SX.

Vocal Genius
Vocal Genius is the new exclusive vocal processor from GEM, with high quality A/D conversion and three separate effects dedicated to vocal performance, (reverb, delay and compressor). The two sliders MIC and GENIUS allows you to control, independently, the relative levels of the audio signal, from a microphone or any other instrument connected to the audio inputs and the level of the four harmonized melody lines which are generated by the Vocal Genius.

Get connected: Connections and Sound System
Equipped with every type of input and output necessary, including 2 MIDI In, 2 MIDI Out and 2 MIDI Thru and four pedal inputs, the Genesys in able to provide real-time control over a remarkable quantity of functions. The optional SCSI interface even allows you to archive and manage a huge quantity of data on external devices. The Genesys internal sound system is both powerful and highly effective. The three way, (20 + 20 + 40W) system with 5 speakers, (2 tweeters, 2 midrange and 1 subwoofer), delivers outstanding sound quality with both clarity and precision at any listening level.

Video, score and karaoke display
The spacious graphic display offers a clear and complete view of all current operations at any given time which, thanks to the intelligent system of icons and display function keys, allows the simplest possible navigation of the various menu pages available.
Connecting the Genesys to a TV or video projector, (using composite video, S-VHS or SCART), makes it possible to display the musical score, chords or karaoke-style lyrics to the song currently being played.


Sliders and volume controls
The 10 sliders at the left side of the instrument allow direct independent control of the volume for every section: the parts of a style of the individual tracks of a song, the level of an audio CD, MP3 or WAVE file.

The master slider Style/Seq controls the general level of MIDI file playback and the style section, effectively allowing you to quickly and easily balance this with the other sounds of the keyboard.


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