Genesys S Arranger/Workstation

Genesys S

The newest arranger / audio workstation from GEM transforms your musical dreams into reality: from the moment of inspiration to a finished CD Master, the Genesys gives you all the elements necessary to realize the music within.


Video Clips of the
Genesys Keyboard

Sampling of Style Demos
(256 styles)


Windows Media PlayerPremiere of the Genesys

Windows Media PlayerPremiere of the Genesys
                         (56k connection)

Windows Media PlayerPerformance Demo

QuickView Demo Full Length

Windows Media PlayerQuikView Demo (Broadband)

Windows Media PlayerQuikView Demo (56k Connection)

QuickView Demo in Feature Sections

These Videos where intended to be watched in sequential order, for continuity.

Windows Media Player1. Intro & Control Panel Overview
Windows Media Player2. Playing Sounds, Styles & Memories
Windows Media Player3. Rec. EASY Songs & 32 Track Sequencer
Windows Media Player4. The ‘Vocal Genius’ Vocal Harmonizer
Windows Media Player5. Audio Recording and CD Burning
Windows Media Player6.- New Style and New Sample Explained

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Country Style
Windows Media Player
Django Style
Windows Media Player
Guajira Style
Windows Media Player
Heavy Rock Style
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Guitar Pop Style
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Euro Virus Style


Some of the people that can be found playing a Genesys series Instruments.

Joey DeFrancesco

Thomas Dawson
(The Commodores)

Otmaro Ruiz

Oscar Seaton
(Lionel Richie)

Chris Anthony

Jerry Watts

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