Promega 2 Professional Keyboard


Promega 2
Extraordinary professional digital piano that represents a revolution in the concepts and technology applied to electronic keyboards and stage pianos.


Video-  About GEM's DRAKE technology



 Promega 2 & 3 Sound Chart

Some of the people that can be found playing a Promega series Instruments.

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock

Don Grusin

Rick Wakeman

Keith Emerson
(Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

Thomas Dawson
(The Commodores)

Billy Joel

John Tesh

Otmaro Ruiz

Jason Miles

Windows Media Audio Promega Demos

Low-Resolution Windows Streaming Audio 96k

Windows Media Player
St. Grand 1

Windows Media Player
Upright Jazz Piano

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Pop Piano
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
St. Grand 2
Windows Media Player
Jazz Piano (Debussy)
Windows Media Player
Rhodes Piano
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player

There is a total of 45 sounds 64 Presets + 64 User Presets in the Promega 2. Here is just a sampling of the stunning sounds found on the Promega 2.

Demo CD of PROMEGA 3
duplicated reality

with Chris Anthony from Generalmusic Design Lab and
Jason Miles Grammy award winning producer and composer.

Jason's many recording and production credits include Miles Davis, Luther Van dross, Chaka Kahn, Vanessa Williams, Michael Jackson and Sting. As you will hear, Jason is absolutely blown away with the sounds of the Promega 3 and we're pretty confidant that you will be, too!

Jason Miles
Grammy award winning producer and composer.

These Files are Windows Streaming Media Files captured and 192k, these are suggested to those with high speed connections to the internet. These are in hi-resolution however, they are still compressed. To get a better idea of the quality of sound the Promega and Drake Pianos produce, you should listen to these on high quality stereo sound system. This is the Demo CD of the Promega 3, however most of these quality sounds can be found on our Promega 2 and GRP-800, RP-800 and RP-700. These Demo Songs were recorded by the Generalmusic Lab. Everything you hear was generated on the Promega 3 and recorded directly from a stock instrument, using stock sounds and effects. NO external effects nor processing were used. We at Generalmusic thank you for your interest in the Promega Series, we especially thank Jason Miles for all his kind words.

1.  Introductions to the Promega 3
2.  Stereo Grand Piano 1 with Acoustic Bass

3.  Stereo Grand Piano 2

4.  Jazz Piano (Debussy)

5.  Harpsichord

6.  Honky Tonk Piano

7.  Pop Piano

8.  Upright Piano with Acoustic Bass and Ride

9.  Rhodes 1

Rhodes 2 with Acoustic Bass
11. Rhodes with Brass

12. Rhodes 3 with Slap Bass

13. Wah Clavinet with Electric Bass

14. Clavinet with Brass

15. Jazz Organ and Piano

16. Jazz Organ and Brass and Piano

17. Rock Organ and Harpsichord

18. Full Pipe Organ

19. Full Strings

Vibes and Synth
Wurlitzer Slap Bass and Synth
Piano Finale

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