GEM'S acclaimed DRAKE™ technology housed in a series of affordable & easy to use, half-rack sound modules. DRAKE™ sound quality and power stems from its totally programmable DSP software architecture, allowing many types of sound generation algorithms, effects and post processing including the exclusive physical models pioneered by Generalmusic.

GM-X is the ideal module to create today's music and professional songs in the field of multimedia production and computer music applications. Thanks to the USB connection along with the software editor it's like having a quality “plug-in sound module” always on line, without slowing down the computer CPU. In addition, the compact shape makes GM-X the perfect instrument for anyone requiring a complete set of sounds to be accessed via MIDI while playing live.
The exclusive DRAKE™ processor in the GM-X in combination with the 64MB of new samples provides 247 stunning, high definition sounds with 64 notes max polyphony and 16 multi-timbral parts. GM-X features two main configurations:
GM Mode - the default mode in which every MIDI channel matches a sound that can be recalled via MIDI program/bank changes enabling the GM-X to always be ready to perform any GM/GM2 compatible song.
Performance Mode - which allows the storage and recall of presets (combinations of sounds, effects and their control parameters) ideally suited to professional live performance applications.

The user interface is extremely easy to navigate with a minimum of front panel buttons to access essential controls and functions.
The rear panel features stereo audio output, aux stereo input, MIDI in/thru connections along with a USB port for a direct connection to the computer (Windows). The “X Series” is accompanied by a custom PC-based editor that allows easy control, simultaneous change and storage of the vast number of internal parameters. The RAM and flash memories allow the “X Series” modules to be fully updated via software just like all the other GEM instruments powered by DRAKE™.


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