genesys ensemble - style pianos

88 keys with hammer action and aftertouch

64 notes (max.)

256 sound presets, (16 preset x 16 sound families), 256 user, over 1500 internal sounds, sound edit quick, sound edit pro, sample editor

1024 (8 locations x 128 banks), 2048 single touch play (8 x style)

4 dsp with 57 programmable effects, 4 independent effect for vocal genius: reverb, stereo delay, limiter, 3 band semi-parametric equalizer, feedback suppressor

Full keyboard, bass split, acc. split, piano style, manual bass, pro split

Pitch bend & modulation wheels, main volume slider, style/seq volume slider, 8 sliders, 2 vocal genius sliders, part, d. hold, dial, cursor, inc/dec, enter/escape, page prev/next, 16 soft keys, transpose, octave

4 programmable pads

Graphic 320x240 backlit LCD with adjustable light contrast

Vocal Genius 
Mic slider and genius slider, 3 vocal DSPs (reverb + delay + compressor), harmony

256 factory styles, 64 user styles, over 90 music library set-ups

Styles controls
Start/stop, 4 variations, 4 fills, 4 intro, 4 ending, break, restart, syncro start, single touch play, arr on/off, arr memory, edit, fade in/out, bass inv, tempo lock, style lock, tap tempo

64 songs, 32 tracks, 250.000 events with microscope editing

Recording Studio 
Play, stop, rec, rewind, ffwd, pause, song player

Disk Drive 
Load, save, erase, copy, move, format 720 kb, 1.44 mb and 1.62Mb

wk songs, wx songs, smf with lyrics (gm1 & 2), kar, word box®, piano disk®, doc®, disklavier ®, audio file: mp3, mp3+lyrics, cd audio, wav, mode: direct from hard disk, floppy disk, scsi or cd, load while playing

Hard Disk
Built-in hard disk (2,5”eide), sampling, 2 tracks hard disk recorder (16bit/44.1khz.)

CD Player/Burner
CD-R and CD-RW

Stereo out, aux out 1/2, stereo inputs (mic/line with gain control), video out (svhs, rca), computer host, 2 headphones, 3 pedals, 2 midi in, 2 midi out, 2 midi thru, pc keyboard

80W (20W+20W+40W), 3 ways, with subwoofer

Built- in video interface, upgradeable operating system (fd/cd)

Upright cabinet with sliding cover; finishing: black high gloss and mahogany

Dimensions (W x H x D)
1.435 x 935 x 575 mm, 56,5 x 37 x 22,5''

105,5 kg / 233 lbs

Specifications are subject to change without notice.